Permit Issues

Open, expired and no permits pulled are increasingly becoming more and more of an issue when it comes time to the sell a home.  Why now?

In short, prior to 2015, the City of Tampa had no way of tracking the permit process efficiently.  Now they can, and are.  Title insurance doesn’t cover permits.  Permit issues usually get caught when either selling a home, or trying to open a new permit (most of the time, when selling a home).  Your listing agent should do a search before listing to see if there might be any complications down the road.  Often times homeowners are not aware a permit was not pulled or closed out, as the responsibility usually falls on the contractor.

There is a process to close out permit issues.  It usually involves either the contractor that did the work, an engineer or an architect.  There are service providers that specialize in permit issues.  An experienced agent will know who to call, and the best course of action to take so that the sale of the property may continue.